eyemats are the leading experts in photographing, replicating and protecting precious and historic floors throughout the UK

eyemats at Tyntesfield House replicating the parquet flooring
Detail: eyemat laying on tiled entrance floor at Tyntesfield
 eyemats replicating the St Johns Chapel, medieval floor at Rochester Cathedral

Do You Have a Precious or Historic Floor?

Do you have problems with a precious floor that needs protecting?
If your floor diminishes over time will your visitors experience?
Damaged areas of flooring can look out of place, can they also become a trip hazard?

How can eyemats Help?

We can provide expert advice & information on the options available for temporary or semi-permanent floor solutions.

Constant visitor traffic doesn't have to mean covering your precious original flooring with protective druggets, even in damp weather. The eyemats system replicates and conserves original floors in situ.

Specialist rectified photography captures the patina of stone. The grain of old wood or the texture of carpet and the resulting mat is a near-perfect match of the original. We either reproduce an exact replica of the whole floor, or create matching walkways where visitor traffic is streamed. We can, if required, use computer graphics to repair and cover any damaged sections. The Eyemat knitted polyester surface enhances the photographic image, is hard wearing and has a low profile. It is vulcanised to a nitrile rubber backing, lies flat and is oil-resistant. An inert membrane can be fitted between the mat and the floor to ensure that no damaging micro-climate is allowed. Simply roll up to wash, clean or vacuum as part of your normal housekeeping regime. Eyemats are a simple way to conserve your precious floor. And so realistic that most visitors think they’re walking on the real thing.

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